Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cherry Juice

My mom heard wonderful things about the benefits of Cherry Juice and debated trying it because it pricey. About $20 a quart. You only use 2 tbsp a day mixed with 8 ox of water though.
She finally bit the bullet and tried it.

She has been drinking her cherry juice now for 6 days (mixing 2 tbsp in 8oz orange juice).
She called me yesterday morning practically screaming that she could walk.
She said she got out of bed, walked to the bathroom and stopped dead in her tracks realizing she wasn't in pain.
It almost scared her. She said every morning she gets out of bed and the first couple steps almost kill her. She's had so much pain in her ankles, and other joints, it's been like that for years. She usually waddles around like a penguin for half hour trying not to bend her ankles, but there was no pain. Same thing this morning, no pain. It said it could take up to 2 weeks for the antioxidants to build up and start working, but it's been a lot sooner for her. I hope it keeps working for her.

Info I found online:

Drinking CHERRYJUICE tart cherry juice daily may help:

  • Bring pain-relief to those who suffer from arthritis.
  • Bring pain-relief to those who suffer from gout.
  • Prevent certain cancers.
  • Protect against heart disease.
  • Prevent heart attacks or stroke.
  • Prevent varicose veins.
  • Fight and prevent diseases.
  • Possibly slow the aging process.
  • Prevent cataracts.

And may help prevent many other chronic diseases.

Anti-inflammatory Health Benefits
Research shows Tart cherry juice is 10 times more effective than aspirin in reducing pain caused by inflammation, arthritis or gout.

Drinking CHERRYJUICE tart cherry juice daily may help:

  • Prevent as well as treat many kinds of pain.
  • Provide some relief for joint discomfort.
  • Provide some degree of free movement in arthritis affected knees, shoulders, hips, fingers, hands, elbows, wrists, ankles, back or any other joints without the usual adverse side effects of aspirin or ibuprofen on the stomach and the kidney.
  • Reduce inflammation of joints.
  • Improve mobility.
  • Reduce headache.
Antioxidant Health Benefits
Antioxidants reduce damage done by oxygen and other free radical substances to the cells in our bodies. If left unchecked, these damages (cell death) may cause hardening of our arteries that may result in heart attack, impotence or other chronic diseases.

The ruby-red color of tart cherry gives it the potent antioxidant properties more superior to vitamin C and E.

Drinking CHERRYJUICE tart cherry juice daily may help:

  • Fight and prevent diseases.
  • Protect artery walls from damage that lead to plaque build up and heart disease. Daily consumption could cut the risk of heart attack by 30%.
  • Prevent varicose veins by strengthening blood vessel walls. The stronger they are the less likely it is that varicose veins will develop.
  • Provide high concentration of melatonin (higher than other plant products). Melatonin destroys free radicals that damage our cells and cause cancer.
  • Flush cancer-causing substances out of the body and stunt the growth of cancerous cells. The perillyl alcohol in tart cherry juice can slash the incidence of all types of cancer as much as 50 percent.


    Drinking Tart Cherry Juice daily may help you control pain, fight and prevent some chronic diseases. It may help any health conscious people looking for the possibility of improved health and pain-free living. Tart Cherry Juice is not a "cure", but provides pain relief and increased mobility to those suffering from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and gout, without the complications traditionally induced by the use of over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

    There are two main health benefits of drinking the juice daily:

    Anti-inflammatory health benefits - help you reduce inflammation/joint swelling caused by arthritis or gout and
    Antioxidant health benefits - help you fight and prevent diseases.

    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    I'm alive. I'm just too lazy to post.

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Rolling Down Hill

    Well, tomorrow's the big day.
    I'm turning 41.... officially "over" the hill.Photobucket
    Last year was bad enough when I finally reached the top of the hill.
    I teetered there all year.
    Now this year, I go over the top and start rolling downhill.
    I think I was pushed!
    I just don't know what to think.
    My husband cracks jokes all the time about me being an old lady.
    It drives me nuts.
    It's not the turning 41 that's so bad, it's all the crap that goes with it,
    like the stupid jokes. (Tim, enough's enough. Knock it off!)

    At least on the positive side, I'm getting healthier.
    I'm almost at my 50 pound weight loss goal.
    4 pounds to go.
    My joints don't get as sore.
    No more back pain from sleeping.
    My acid reflux is gone.
    I have more energy.
    My clothes are all to big. That's an expensive side affect though. LOL

    Ok, I may be getting old, but I guess I'm getting better!

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Bobby Pins and Vacuums

    Bobby pins and vacuum cleans don't mix.
    I just spent a very irritated hour trying to figure out why my vacuum wouldn't suck.
    I took off all the filters, tried it, still wouldn't suck.
    Took the bottom off, cut all the hair and string off from around the brushes (nasty),
    still didn't suck.
    Stuck a wire coat hanger into the tube, still not.

    Took apart the flexible hose for attachments, Ah ha!!! It was plugged.
    Couldn't blow it out, hanger not long enough to stick through it.
    Searched around, found a curtain rod, shoved that through,
    it got hung up on what I thought was a linty hair ball, nope...
    out through the side of the hose, pops a bobby pin. Damn it!

    Kelsey leaves that kind of stuff all over.
    It took me forever to work the pin out and unplug it.
    Now there's a hole in it, that I can't find again.
    She's the reason our last vacuum was broke.
    I sucked up some stones that were under her bed that I didn't see.
    They broke the fins on the motor.

    Yeah, the ding-a-ling used to just pick up stones and rocks and bring them home.
    I can't tell you how many stones I found in my washing machine when she was younger.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    I'm officially a size 16!

    I'm officially a size 16!
    A misses size 16, not a 16W in plus sizes.
    In January I was needing to be in a 20W (jeans)but was still forcing my big butt into an 18W.
    Well since Friday, I've bought 2 pair of straight 16's.
    I'm so excited.

    Still wearing an 22W in tops though.
    I have wide shoulders and fat arms that need the bigger size, hopefully that'll go too.
    This is so great! About 4 years ago, I was excited to get a size 22W jeans on. Before that all I wore was stretchy knit pants.

    Today's weigh in brought me down another 2 pounds.
    I've lost 33 pounds all together now.
    I actually weigh less than Tim now. LOL

    Thank you SparkPeople and all you girls that help keep me focused!